Investments in privately held, small to mid-size Nordic technology businesses targeting high absolute returns

Stella EOC Capital offers high quality, often proprietary, access to selected private technology assets in software and cloud, digital media, e-commerce and communications technology.

We offer business owners and entrepreneurs an alternative source of high quality finance and involvement, from people like them who have founded, built and invested in their own firms, and who have real business experience across technology and e-commerce.

The founders include Anders Brenner, together with the partners of Stella EOC, the mid-market technology investment banking firm, and have a strong track record of 100+ completed transactions in Nordic, European and global technology companies since 2001. They bring their exceptional deal flow, networks and transaction experience to Stella EOC Capital.

A selected number of family offices and entrepreneurs have allocated capital on a deal by deal basis to Stella EOC Capital.

What we look for

  • Strong management teams
  • Competitive advantages and niche strategies
  • Sectors and businesses with underlying growth
  • Revenues at SEK 50m or more
  • Positive or close to positive earnings
  • Businesses in situations where we can add value

What we do

  • Aim to grow companies from small cap (SEK 50-100m) to mid cap (SEK 250-500m)
  • Add value and competence from our own experience and our network of entrepreneurs
  • Develop strategic planning via active board participation
  • Assist in areas such as key recruitments, M&A and capital structure
  • Ultimately improve key performance factors driving the value of a business



Stella EOC Capital identifies, qualifies and invests in Nordic tech oriented companies.

  • Ticket size SEK 20 – 50m
  • Minority and majority investments
  • Active ownership


Exceptional deal flow from founders and associates with networks across technology sectors.

  • Software
  • Ecommerce & Digital Media
  • Communications & Technology


Stella EOC Capital manages investments on behalf of committed co-investors.

  • Through SPV-structures
  • Deal by deal basis
  • Evergreen time horizon

About Stella EOC

Since 2000, Stella EOC has worked alongside technology and media companies to help them grow. They are:

  • Global: a full service tech and media merchant bank with offices in the United States and Europe
  • Midcap Focused: mid-market M&A transactions in the USD 50 – 500m value range, and growth financings over USD 15m
  • Cross Border: we have clients around the world and specialise in international transactions with trade and financial buyers
  • Independent: Stella EOC is free of potential conflicts of interest and is exclusively controlled by its 8 Partners

Together we bring a combination of entrepreneurial and financial experience together with an exceptional deal flow, networks and transaction experience to Stella EOC Capital. More about the founders here, and more about Stella EOC here.


Anders Brenner is the founder of Stella EOC Capital, together with the partners of Stella EOC.

Anders is the former co-founder and CEO of equities research and advisory firm Redeye, well known for its expertise on Nordic small caps.